Mega Man MDLX Action Figure Mega man / Rockman


15 cm



From the renowned and enduringly popular video game franchise Mega Man (also known as Rockman), threezero is proud to present MDLX Mega Man / Rockman!

Based on the retro design, this fully articulated collectible figure stands approximately 4 inches (10.2 cm) tall. It features a body frame structure that combines metal and engineering plastic parts. This combination enhances joint stiffness, providing a satisfying and sturdy feel when posing and articulating the figure, despite his compact size.

MDLX Mega Man / Rockman includes two interchangeable faceplates, providing the option to switch between expressions. It also comes with one piece of iconic Rock Buster (also known as Mega Buster) forearm, which is interchangeable with either its left forearm or its right forearm. Also, it comes with a Charge Shot effect piece to attach to the tip of the Rock Buster, and an E can accessory for the life recovery! The interchangeable hand pieces are a pair of open hands and a pair of fists, allowing to recreate variety of dynamic poses. Also, a magnet is built-in inside each of its feet, allowing MDLX Mega Man / Rockman to adhere to metal surfaces!


– Approximately 4″ (10.2 cm) tall
– Designed based on the retro design
– Features interchangeable faces, accessories, and effect parts
– The body frame structure combines metal and engineering plastic parts, enhancing joint stiffness and providing a satisfying hand-feel when twisting and posing the figure
– Its feet have hidden magnets, allowing it to adhere to metal surfaces


– 1x pc of E can
– 1x pc of Charge Shot effect piece
– 1x Rock Buster forearm (interchangeable with left forearm or right forearm)
– 2x pairs of interchangeable hands: one (1) pair of open hands and one (1) pair of fists
– 2x interchangeable faceplates: one (1) pc of standard faceplate and one (1) pc of an optional faceplate